Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 Do I have to register to use the Noun Library?

You must be a registered User to borrow books or access the electronic resources in the library.

How can I contact the Noun library?

You can contact the Noun Library through

Are there a maximum number of times I can renew my books?

Students and Lecturers are allowed to renew books often as desired as long as these books are in good condition and are not needed by other users.

I urgently need a book that is checked out. How can I request it?

If a book you need is checked out to another user, you may send a mail to to make reservations for the book

How do I make reservations for a book?

A registered user of the library can make reservations by sending a mail to with the details of the required book.

How do I access library resources offline?

Anyone may access the library catalogs and most of the Library's web pages from any Internet-connected computer.

Can I download the books in the library?

Online e-resources can be accessed and downloaded where necessary.

Where can I place a question to a librarian?

Please use the ask-a-librarian form or send a mail to .

***Is there a means of asking a librarian about something and getting hints on topic I am working on?
There is a range of electronic forms and means of contact designed for different aspects of our Library services. You can place an enquiry about printed or electronic resources in or beyond the Library using our Ask-a-Librarian form.  

Can I request an item owned by the Noun Libraries without coming to the library?

Yes you can make request /reservation for items owned by Noun Library but please be informed that we do not offer home delivery services.

Are photocopiers and printers available in the libraries?
For the convenience of library users, photocopiers and printers are located near the reference Desk in the main Library. A nominal fee will be charged for this service.

Who can use online resources available through the National Open University of Nigeria Library web site?

Only staff and students of the National Open University can use the online resources available through the university website.

How can I find out if the National Open University of Nigeria Library has a particular book or periodical?

Please use the Library Catalogue or you search using the Basic Search in the Online Public Access Catalogue.

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