Print Resources


The NOUN Library has a vast collection of print resources at the headquarters and also at the study centre libraries. Its collection of books and other materials provides essential background knowledge to most of the subjects taught in the formal lectures.

Books and Journals: The library acquires books and journals that are relevant to the university’s academic programmes. This includes books and journals on the Arts & Social Sciences, Sciences, Law, Education, Business, and Management etc. Publication that is relevant for general purposes like government publications are also acquired. The books and journals are processed and shelved in a way that makes it easy for users to locate and retrieve.

Course Materials: The Print resources in the NOUN Library also include course materials published by the University for its students. The latter can access their course materials from the different study centre libraries.

Newspapers and Magazines: Various national dailies and magazines (eg. Daily Sun, Punch, Guardian, Vanguard, Tell and Reader’s Digest) are available for use in the library. Old newspapers and magazines are also archived for future reference purposes.

Students Projects: Schools are saddled with the responsibility of sending a copy of approved project work of students to the library. Such projects are kept according to their subjects and users can make reference to them for their work.

Reference Materials: Reference Sources like Encyclopedias, general and specialized dictionaries, yearbooks, almanacs, atlases, handbooks and subject manuals are available for use in the library. Government publications and reports are not left out.

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